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Senior Yoga Class

A mobile physical therapy and "living well" practice passionate about keeping your mind sharp and body fit,

to age actively without limitation!




Dr. Corissa Keefner, PT, DPT, RD

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Dietitian, Brain Health Trainer and Functional Aging Specialist


Specializing in helping adults age fearlessly and confidently through movement, balance, brain fitness, and uncomplicated nutrition to live well....well into their later years.  

Memory decline and loss of physical function don't happen over night, you need an action plan now!  

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My Body Mechanic was born out of a vision to deliver more personalized healthcare and prevention, in the actual environment that the person is living in--at home, work or gym.  Memory decline and loss of physical mobility are the two main reasons for loss of independence.  The great news there are many controllable lifestyle factors that can help delay or avoid these declines.


We want to give you the tools to keep you doing what you want to do, to ACTIVELY participate in your life.  Good quality movement, balance training, posture guidance, flexibility, brain health fitness, and simple nutrition to give your body the tune up it needs to carry you strongly through the journey of life.

Check out our services and contact us for a free, no obligation chat about your concerns and goals, and how we can help.

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