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Virtual and In Person Sessions available 

Adult Functional  Fitness Assessment
This is a comprehensive movement assessment that includes posture, flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. It will give you an overview of your fitness level as it relates to daily living, and identifies areas that could be improved.  Includes a summary and recommended program to keep you functioning at your best.

FitBrain-Balanced Body Movement sessions:
The 2 main reasons individuals end up having to leave their homes and become dependent on others, is falling or forgetting.  Research is bursting at the seams with the importance of challenging balance, and incorporating mental/cognitive challenges WHILE doing physical activity to combat the negative effects of an aging brain.  We will develop a comprehensive program together, based on your functional fitness assessment, to improve strength, balance, posture, memory and sharpness.  Individual sessions and packages available. 

Nutrition Consultation and personalized meal planning: 
Whether you want to shed a few pounds, start eating healthier for longevity and brain health, or just need some accountability and a healthy meal plan, we will get you on track toward your goals. 

Individualized Physical therapy: 
Do you have an ache, pain, functional deficit or condition that is interfering with your life and the things you want to do?  We will assess your problem and come up with a plan together to get you back to what you enjoy.  
-Currently taking Medicare and provide OON benefits for all other insurance carriers

Speaking Engagements: 
Are you looking for a speaker for a group or event? 

Topics include:
Strategies to Keep Your Mind Sharp and Healthy
Nutrition for the Mind: latest research for healthy aging
Fall Prevention

Mobility for life: what you need to be doing now to stay mobile for a lifetime
Other topics related to longevity, balance, mobility, brain health and nutrition available upon request


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