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Hi!!  I am Dr. Corissa Keefner, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Registered Dietitian.  I have been working in the field of physical therapy and nutrition for over 18 years.  My career started as a Registered Dietitian and continued on to fuel my nerdy fascination with the mechanics of the body and brain, with a Doctorate in Physical therapy.  The human body is incredibly amazing, and it's often not realized until something starts malfunctioning.  The bulk of my career has been spent working in outpatient orthopedics and vestibular (dizziness) rehabilitation, while also continuing to work with hospitalized patients in a large Level I Trauma hospital in metro Chicago.  In the acute care setting, in many cases, either falling or forgetting is the reason an individual has to leave their home. This led me to continue my studies to become a Functional Aging Specialist and a Brain Health Trainer through the Functional Aging Institute.






Over many years of working with patients with chronic illnesses and debilitating injuries, and witnessing loss of independence firsthand, I became very aware that our healthcare system is reactive, not preventative.  I felt a spark inside to reach as many people as I could to make even small lifestyle changes, through movement and nutrition to keep people out of hospital beds and out in the world doing all the wonderful things life has to offer.  There are many conditions and injuries that have a clear link to lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, those are the conditions I want to help you avoid or delay. I am passionate about helping you age strong with a mind and body capable of doing anything you desire.  It's never too late to start and research proves it!

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